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Restaurant Inventory  Features That Help Reduce Cost!

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Create and cost out recipes

Proper recipe costing is essential to your restaurants success but unfortunately, recipe costing for restaurants isn't as easy as it sounds and it can be even harder to truly understand how your food cost is impacting your financials. But we can help!


Daily costing that shows up in your daily Financials

CooksTime software is designed to track your restaurants daily items sold, monitor your par levels and help you order just the right amount which can help reduce waste and improve cash flow.

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Domestic Waste Bin


Built in waste log that reports waste on your P&L

It's estimated that the average restaurant can lose as much as 7% of their inventory due to waste. At CooksTime, we make waste track simple!


Manage Inventory

We help make managing inventory easier, faster and smarter. With both our mobile app and desktop features, we'll help keep you up to speed on the things that matter!

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