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Free Food Cost Calculator

The restaurant inventory app that searches for missing inventory and alerts you of problems

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Thanks for trying our free restaurant recipe and menu cost calculator. Using our calculator is a great way to calculate your recipe and menu cost then email the details to yourself so you can retain the information for as long as you like.

Getting Started

  1. In the box labeled "Menu Name" you'll start by typing in the name of your menu item. The menu item name and selling price should be the exact name and selling price that is listed on your actual menu.

  2. You have the option to enter up to three recipes on each Menu. For example: if you have a Menu item called "Freakin Good Pasta" that comes with a side of vegetables and bread, you can create a different recipe for each item and have all three included on the same Menu. This will help create a more accurate menu cost. 

  3. To get started creating recipes you'll locate the field called "Recipe Name" and change the name in the box that reads "Click here for Recipe #1". You'll want to change the name to the recipe name that you will be adding to the menu item. Notice that when you change the name, it also updates your summary name. To add a second or third item you can select the buttons in the Menu Item Summary section that reads "Click here".

  4. You may add up to eight ingredients to any recipe by selecting the "+" symbol and you may subtract items by selecting the "x" symbol.

  5. In the ingredient detail section you'll find a header called "Ingredient Name" which is on the left and a header called "Recipe Amount" on the right. The ingredient details that you enter on the left will corresponds to the recipe amount used on the right.

  6. When done you may email the details to yourself for free.

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