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Designed to help restaurants become profitable and stay profitable!

Restaurant accounting and management software that connects to your POS, calculates your breakeven and helps you identify losses!

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Accounting Software


Recipe Costing and Inventory Mgmt


Scheduling and Labor Cost


Budgeting and Breakeven Analysis


Daily and Weekly Reporting

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Restaurant accounting software that makes it easier to identify problems!

Maintaining a profitable restaurant is hard work but we can help! Bookkeeping, analytics, cost management, budgeting and more!

Why Us?

Made just for RESTAURANTS!! At CooksTime our focus is NOT on every business, our focus is on your business! Everything we do is designed to help your restaurant be profitable!

Easily Create and Cost Out Your  Recipes

We make it easy for restaurants to track purchases, create recipes, track waste, calculate yield, cost out menus, track usage vs purchases, count inventory, and more!

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Connections to your POS & Vendors



US Foods




Information at your Fintertips

01. Inventory Faster

Inventory your bar items in half the time by using our free mobile app bar code scanner. Plus track your on-hand inventory get low inventory text alerts, order online and more.

02. Employee Schedule Access

Easily let your employees view their schedule from our mobile app and dozens of new features are on the way!

03. Access Your Manager Log

There's nothing more important than information and keeping track of your managers log is just one of the ways you'll be able to do it. With a few simple clicks, you'll be up to speed in no time.

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Still using a spreadsheet to create your schedule because its free?!

Just because your spreadsheet is free, doesn't mean it's not costing you money! CooksTime scheduling helps restaurant operators create their labor budget, schedule, track hours, and more. And with the potential savings on your restaurant labor cost, our software might actually be able to pay you!

Restaurant Focused KPI's

Every action we take is focused on helping our restaurant customers be profitable, this includes key performance indicators that provide even greater insight.


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