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We Track Profits & Help Identify Problems

We help restaurants track the direction of their monthly profits and identify problems when things don't go as planned. 


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Restaurants Have Almost No Room for Waste!

There are only two ways for your restaurant to not be profitable, either by not generating enough revenue or spending beyond your budgeted expense, but figuring it out after the fact isn't very helpful. At CooksTime, we make it simple for restaurant managers to know which direction their restaurant is headed before the month actually ends which gives your managers a chance to respond.

Easier than Quickbooks

Because we're NOT accounting software, we make it simple for managers to track expenses and tie them back to your restaurants' performance and it can all be done in less than 5 minutes per day.

Deeper Insight

It's not just about knowing that you lost money, it's also important to know what caused it. At CooksTime we focus heavily on identifying problems with greater accuracy.

Change the Outcome

With our weekly and daily profit tracking, Cookstime can help restaurant managers respond to forecasted losses faster.

A Few Companies Our Customers Work With


Ben E. Keith


US Foods





One App Many Uses

01. Count Inventory

Counting your restaurant inventory is made fast and simple with our barcode scanner that's embedded into our app. No  special equipment required.

02. Mobile Ordering

Order using our mobile app which also includes suggested items to order based on PAR values that you can easily set by your team or our software.

03. Daily Tracking

Get up-to-date numbers daily which include theoretical on-hand inventory amounts, items sold by ingredient, purchase data and more.

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Station Patio Ice House

OMG, this is the easiest software I've ever used. It really helps us find problems faster


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