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Dining Alone

Reduce Your Restaurant's Inventory Cost and Food Waste

CooksTime makes it easier for restaurants to manage their inventory and reduce their cost by ordering the correct amount at the right time and getting text alerts if something looks off. 

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"Each year, 108 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States. That equates to 130 billion meals and more than $408 billion in food thrown away each year"
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Implement Checks and Balance

Unfortunately, 90% of the typical restaurant inventory losses will come from your in-house staff. We can help!

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Manage Your Food and Alcohol  in a Single Platform

See all of your restaurant inventory numbers in a single place. One platform, one team all working together.

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Identify Problems Faster

Waiting for your monthly financials can cost you thousands in lost inventory. The faster you're able to identify the problem, the more you'll save!

Supercharge your Accounting Reports!

Your accounting reports aren't designed for inventory management but we can help fill in the gaps by delivering insightful reports!                                

A Few Companies Our Customers Work With

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CooksTime helps to make sure that your restaurant is selling 100% of the items purchased.

One App,
Many Uses

CooksTime is the app that helps kitchen and bar managers drive profits, become more efficient, reduce waste and save your restaurant thousands!

  • Connects to your POS and upload purchases

  • Cost out and manage recipes

  • Track inventory items daily

  • Count inventory faster with bar code scanner

  • Order new items and get low inventory alerts

  • Set Pars

  • More

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“OMG, this is the easiest software I've ever used. It really helps us find problems faster"

Ashley / Manager / The Station

Our Software Connects,
Analyzes, and  Automatically Delivers Insightful Reports!

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CooksTime Desktop
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Give Us A Try

At CooksTime, getting started is easy because we do most of the setup work! This is all we need from you:

  • Select the service level you would like for us to help with.

  • Chat with one of our associates and give us permission to connect to your POS

  • Provide us with your vendor contact information

  • Provide us with your recipe details

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